Sayed Mustafa Askari


Sayed Mustafa Askari born in April,12, 2003 in Kabul Afghanistan, then the family migrated to Iran he finished his primary school period in Iran excellent after and started animation and graphical programs at very young age. after coming back to Afghanistan, he started his high school in Amani German school in Kabul and graduated from there with top scores.
Then He started collage at Kabul University and Ebn sina university at a same period of time due to his enthusiasm in two fields, he graduated from Public management from Kabul university and Architectural designing from Ebn sina university.
While he was studying, he also worked as a Graphic designer in different companies such as Azin Décor company, Al-Madina Company and etc.
He worked in different part of Graphic industry such as Architectural planning, Interior designing, Exterior Designing, Branding, Motion graphics and etc.
Science beside plenty experience lead him to establish the Reflex Academy with standard norms to share his knowledge with young generation and society.